NIST LWC Software Performance Benchmarks on Microcontrollers

Purpose of this Website

This website is built to provide our benchmark figures of Software implementations of NIST LWC candidates. We want to establish a central platform, where we show performance results for recent implementations on different MCUs. The goal is to have a dataset, which is always in line with the latest optimized versions of the NIST LWC ciphers. We also keep track of all implementations we test through a publicly accessible git repository (see resources section). We think this effort can support the evaluation of the candidates and show their possible performance evolution over time.

Current State of Work

At the moment, we provide an overview over our benchmark results obtained on five different MCU platforms, featuring four architectures. The results are based on the measurements made using our custom open-source performance evaluation framework, which was introduced at the 3rd NIST Lightweight Cryptography Workshop in November 2019. The corresponding paper and a web cast of the talk can be found in the resources section. In addition to the data presented there, we have now integrated support for a RISC-V-based MCU (Maixduino). The results overview contains speed, ROM and RAM benchmarks for Software implementations of the 3rd round candidates. More details on the framework, the test setup and procedures are given in the workshop paper/talk.
Furthermore, we provide a file upload form where cipher designers or independent implementers can submit their latest implementations to. Once a valid ZIP container is uploaded, we start our mostly automated benchmarking tests on all supported embedded platforms. Upon a successful completion of a test, its results are integrated in the corresponding database and made available on the results page. With this workflow we aim to give implementors quick feedback on the performance of their latest developments. Moreover, our goal is to provide up-to-date benchmarking results on various MCUs during the NIST LWC competition.

Planned Future Work



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We are not affiliated with any cipher design.